André Moecke: “Photographer, Addicted Traveler… With a camera and a life in my hands.”

I’m born and raised in Florianópolis/Brazil and I’m passionate about arts since I was very young.
I always lived in the creative world: did drawings, was a saxophonist in an orchestra and lived with photography since I was a teenager. Son of an art teacher mom and an engineer father, I saw in Architecture the combination of the art world and the precise engineering, and there I started discovering many new paths. This formation allowed me to have technical and creative knowledge of colors, light, shadow, and shapes. And that way, when I was still at the university, I started working on freelance photography in international sports events.
After graduation I started my own photography company, mainly working with architecture and interior design, but also with still, portraits, fashion, and lifestyle. I also had the opportunity to work with different photographers as a photo assistant.
My passion for arts goes beyond photography, also working with graphic design and independent short movies production.
The passion for learning about new cultures led me to travel all around the world, visiting many countries on four continents. From these trips comes a big part of my inspiration and desire to create, and is also from where comes the willingness to live a simpler, sustainable and healthier life.
In 2017 I moved to Munich/Germany, starting a new chapter with new challenges, discoveries, and learnings. Despite being German, I was born and raised in Brazil so my mother language is Portuguese, but I can communicate in English, Spanish, and always improving in my German.
In Germany, I started working as a Photo Editor and Photographer for Joy and Shape Magazines, in a new work experience that I hadn’t before: being in a publishing office in a daily basis job. This experience brought me an even more wide vision of the process to build a complex project as a magazine, having the opportunity to work with many different areas as writers, producers, designers, art directors, etc.
Currently I’m working as a Photo Editor and Photographer for Cosmopolitan and the luxury magazine Madame.

For more information about my professional path access the CV or visit the LinkedIn page.


Photography, graphic design, video, music… ART!

I’m passionate about photography and that’s what I do! I love architecture, enjoy a good view of the countryside or know and portrait new cultures.

You can check my photo portfolio below in the Flickr gallery: