Photography, Photo Editing, Design, Retouching, Video, Music… ART!

I’m passionate about art and that’s what I do! I love architecture, enjoy a good view of the countryside or know and portrait new cultures.

I work as Photographer, Retoucher, Photo Editor (Bildredakteur in Germany) and Designer, and here I want to present my work:


As a photographer, I specialise in capturing portraits, architecture and interior design, beauty and fashion stills, and e-commerce images. I have a keen eye for detail and am dedicated to creating visually compelling images that effectively communicate the intended message. Whether it’s capturing the beauty of a person’s face, the intricate details of an architectural structure, or the essence of a product for e-commerce or advertisement, I have the expertise to deliver the desired result.

Access here my virtual portfolio in photography!


As a professional photo retoucher, I am experienced in enhancing images across various fields such as fashion, beauty, architecture, portraits, etc. I use various software tools to remove unwanted elements, adjust colors, and improve the overall quality of the images while ensuring they still look natural and visually appealing. My attention to detail and years of experience in the industry allow me to produce high-quality work that meets the client’s specific needs and requirements.

Access here my virtual portfolio in retouching!

Photo Editing

As a photo editor, I specialize in acquiring, negotiating, and researching images for specific projects such as magazines, advertising, and other related fields. I am experienced in identifying and selecting images that effectively communicate the intended message and meet the specific needs and requirements of the client. I also have expertise in photo research and licensing, allowing me to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the client’s needs while staying within budget. My attention to detail and excellent communication skills enable me to work effectively with clients to achieve their desired outcome while maintaining a high standard of quality. Whether working on a freelance or part-time contract basis, I am committed to delivering work on time that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations.

My experience as a photo editor includes working for multiple magazines for many different target groups and subjects, more about it on my CV.