André Moecke: “Photographer, Addicted Traveler… With a camera and a life in my hands.”

I’m born and raised in Florianópolis/Brazil and I’m passionate about arts since I was very young.
I’m graduated in Architecture, but since 2009 I’ve been working with photography, mostly in architectural photography, but also sports, fashion and product photography.
In 2017 I moved to Munich/Germany, where I started working as a Photo Editor and Photographer for the printed magazines industry, in a new work experience that I hadn’t before: being in a publishing office in a daily basis job. This experience brought me an even more wide vision of the process to build a complex project as a magazine, having the opportunity to work with many different areas as writers, producers, designers, art directors, etc. I worked in this field for 3,5 years for the magazines JOY, SHAPE, Cosmopolitan and MADAME/Monsieur. For one year I worked as a full-time photographer for NordicOil. There I had to opportunity for not only take photos, but create the images from concept, pre production to final retouching, being actively responsible for the entire process of content creation.

Currently I’m searching for a new opportunity, and using this time to develop and specialise myself in photo editing, retouching and video editing field.

For more information about my professional path access the CV or visit the LinkedIn page.


Photography, Photo Editing, Design, Retouching, Video, Music… ART!

I’m passionate about art and that’s what I do! I love architecture, enjoy a good view of the countryside or know and portrait new cultures.

I work as Photo Editor (Bildredakteur in Germany) and Photographer/Retoucher. Currently studying and developing myself on the Video and Retouching.

You can check my photo portfolio below in the Flickr gallery: